• Almond Butter

Almond Butter

AED 49.00

Freshly baked almond butter brownies with sweet potato, tahini, and raw cacao. Pack of 3 brownies. 82g ℮ per brownie. [Vegan] [Gluten-free Ingredients] [Contains almonds, and sesame seeds]

Almond butter, oat milk, coconut palm sugar, tahini, cacao, extra virgin coconut oil, dates, gluten-free oat flour, sweet potato, vanilla oil, and sea salt.

Per Serving (110g)
Calories: 223 kcal
Total fat: 11g
Carbohydrate: 63g
Dietary fiber 1.6g
Sugar: 22g
Protein: 1.7g

Contains almonds, sesame seeds. Prepared in a facility that also handles peanuts, and gluten and soy.